If you follow us, you know we have been partnering with Sentiance for a couple of times. Sentiance is specialised in adding context to mobile sensor data. Meaning they track and measure several sensors movements in smartphones and translate those numbers into valuable consumer or user insights. Last summer we crafted a complete driver profiling dashboard and mobile app to capture the data in partnership with Sentiance. From UX strategy over design to full development, we took care of it all.

The free mobile app we designed and developed is surfing the wave of the background app trend. Meaning users install the app, register and done. By keeping the app installed on their phone, various systems run in the background, providing the user with insights and convenience. In this case, the app tracks all sensor movements which get translated in driver behaviour. Are you driving too fast? Using your smartphone while driving? Or did you brake and accelerate rather aggressive? The app knows it all... All this data we capture from drivers via the mobile app, is available to fleet managers and insurers in a real time dashboard application. Where they can follow up on their fleet and take action where needed. Pretty cool, right?