Fietstelweek 2015

Mobile app and digital campaign

Let’s map Flanders’ love of cycling in an interactive way. In short, the great brief for Flanders latest Mobility Week (16-22 September 2015). Challenge… accepted. Together with Sentiance and Ghent University, Barnyard designed and developed a fully interactive website and smartphone app. The main question? Can we use counting desks alongside the roads in combination with smartphone sensoring in a specially devised smartphone app? To count, monitor and reach insightful results? The answer: Hell yeah!

Cycle & track with new FietsTelApp

Cycle & track with the new FietsTelApp

The free FietsTelApp gave cyclists the chance to monitor how much CO2, euros and kcal they were saving. Just like Runkeeper or Strava you could register your route. And in doing so, give the government great insights in Flanders’ love of cycling.

By the way, exemplary cyclists could earn points and win daily or weekly prizes. Gamification to get you even more on your bike. Leave that car at home!

Dynamic website with realtime mapping

All the communication came alive in the interactive website, giving everyone all the details and an extraordinary anonymous overview of all the cycle-activity in the integrated Google map. During the Fietstelweek all the participants and enthousiasts could check up on the amount of kms people where cycling, how much CO2 was being saved and how many kcal were being burned. A great & green sporting experience.

Campaign boosters

In partnership with Bebble, Barnyard desinged different campaign boosters. Off- and online. Think special bicycle pendants, social media wall posts, social ads and direct mailings to different stakeholders.